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                                                                                                                                                       Gerard Sauchelli

                                                                    RACK-GETTER OWNER

Gerard Sauchelli has been hunting in his home State of New Jersey for over 40 years.  His hunting and fishing adventures haven taken him to many states, pursuing big game they comprise of a long list.  However, whitetail deer remain at the top of the pursuit list in his mind.

Aside from being a full-time firefighter in the city of Newark, New Jersey, Gerard began Rack-Getter Scents ‘N Lures to bring honest, pure, and experienced products into the industry.  He was tired of large companies mass produced products that fell away from the handmade benefit and control that a small, family owned company


can bring to the table.  The experience instilled within the Rack-Getter products extend beyond anything that is found on a shelf at your local store that doesn’t contain one of the Rack-Getter logos. Unprecedented, the Rack-Getter photo album is filled with trophy game and fish taken over the years during the development of the products that have become available to you, which dates to almost thirty years of design and formulation. 


"Gerard hand makes every deer, bear, and fish lure that is bottled with the Rack-Getter name."

Rest In Peace

Frank  "Smokey" Martino

Frank Martino is Gerard's grandfather, he taught his cousin Ed Ponzini & Gerard to hunt and fish at early ages in their lives , they grew up saltwater fishing up and down the Jersey Shore and Hunting for deer & small game in Hunterdon county NJ ! In 1990 Mr. Martino Passed away and left a life long gift & passion to his Grandsons , The Gift of Hunting & Fishing since then Ed & Gerard have traveled the country Hunting & Fishing & even taking it a step further when Gerard founded RACK GETTER SCENTS!

The Rack Getter Photo Album

Rackgetter prides themselves on family and those who have shared their experiences over the last 30+ years. 

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