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*Available in  Cotton Candy, Peanut Butter, Mixed BerryAnise, Blueberry, Glazed Donut, Bacon, Oreo Cookie, and Bubble Gum


Scented bear attractants will enhance any of your bear feeding areas.  With versatility of polymers and spray you can enhance your bait sites or your hunting spot with the variety of flavors only found here across the industry.

*Available in 16oz spray and 8 oz polymers.

These lures have been carefully selected, tested, and formulated to fit a bear’s diet and craving to enhance the activity at your setup.  The technology designed into the formulas and the execution of each lure surpasses every other scented lure on the market.


The all new Bear Slime has been formulated with a specific viscosity to make your attractants and scents last at your bait site longer than any other product on the market.  Rain and weather will not allow this product to be washed away.  The viscosity allows the product to be ground applied or in the air on limbs and brush to carry the scent through your site.   

*Available in 32 oz.

*Available in Cinnamon, Vanilla, Anise, Liquid Smoke

*Available in 16oz squirt, 8 oz polymers, paste, and gel.   


*Available in Cotton Candy, Peanut Butter, Vanilla, Cinnamon,  Mixed BerryAnise, Blueberry, Glazed Donut, Bacon, Oreo Cookie, Bubble Gum, and Green Apple



The purest castor glands intertwined with a specific formula to attract bears.  Beaver castor is one of the most potent enhancers to be added to any set-up to make your next bear hunt a greater success.

*Available in 16oz squirt, 4 oz polymers.

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