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Rack Getter continues to raise the bar on the limits and uses of lures, attractants, cover scents and turkey calls.  With a product line to meet the needs of any outdoorsmen throughout the world, Rack Getter sets itself apart from the rest of the industry by focusing on revolutionizing new products.  With lures made from whitetail glands, a cover scent line to make any hunter disappear amongst their environment, and turkey calls made to expert realism, Rack Getter is formulating their products in various types of applications to last longer, attract stronger, and give the hunter endless options to enhance their set ups. 


The standard spray applicator makes it easy for any hunter to quickly lay a scent-trail down before heading into their set-up & keep up with applications throughout the hunt ! Easy application allows you to spruce up an area in multiple locations when a specific shooting angle is needed. Great on our handmade BOOT PADS that can also be used as a Scent Wic!


Polymers are changing the lure industry.These scent-infused polymer balls are a water soluble,time released ,non toxic way to disperse scent! Polymers come in 3 types Cover & deodorizers , Food Scents or Urine based polymer form ! 


Pastes are now available in the lure product line. The paste application now allows for longer lasting sets and will hold up in the most severe weather conditions! Areas of application are endless to fit your set up.  All products include an applicator and rubber glove to minimize human odor during your hunting application!


Gels, are a water soluble absorbing Application and will last longer than liquid in the spray application. Formulated to help attract Deer to Mock scrapes without having to return to a Lure site More than once every few days allowing for less chance of a whitetail to pick up on your presence! Weather resistant Gels are also absorbent and will absorb a whitetails urine when a deer urinates in a scrape! This product is recommended for use with mock scrapes!


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